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Save Our Children

Children:  Our most valuable possession!  

Hi!  My name is Bailey and I live in the Atlanta, GA area.  I am 12 yrs. old and I represent all my young peers undergoing depression.  Depression has no age limits as suicide is the 3rd largest killer of people aged 10-26.  Please pay attention and help us reach those who need us the most by learning to Listen.  I personally know the pain of depression and I was fortunate enough that my family LISTENED to me just in time.  There are millions of 'at risk' people who think that suicide is the solution.  We need to help them by proving to be a family to one another - But first of all, we must all learn how to LISTEN with our HEART, EYES, AND EARS!

Hello, my name is Laura Hospes.  I am 21 yrs. old and I live in Amersterdam (The Netherlands).  I requested to be a spokesman and representative for "I Pledge 2 Listen" to show that depression is a problem - worldwide - and affects people of ALL ages.  I hope my story helps someone at risk, and prove that suicide should not be an option to solve your problems.  My friend, Bailey, in the USA, shared an inspirational quote:

                                     HANG ON - PAIN ENDS (HOPE)

I am not just a Citizens of the UK or the USA - We are citizens of the WORLD!

Our Youth – The 21st Century's Most Endangered Species

Statistically, suicide is the third leading cause of death

for 10-24 year olds (CDC)

Nationwide, our young people are rapidly falling among the ranks of 'endangered species' due to drugs, bullies, sexual predators, mental and physical abuse and social media. Their confidence in safe havens within the family and community has been replaced by hopelessness, drifting, dejection and rejection to the point that each year thousands elect suicide as the ultimate solution to their problems. 

As a nation we recognize the problems they face, however, we still fail to earnestly listen -


to who?  - our children!

We must ask ourselves...How did we create a society

that children as young as 8 yrs old would rather die than live it?

   Social Media/School      Bullying 


        Parental and Social


    Physical/Mental /Drug



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