I Pledge 2 Listen 

Save Our Children


"I Pledge 2 Listen"

 Bumper Sticker and  Billboard CAMPAIGN!

‘I Pledge 2 Listen’

Billboards and

Bumper Stickers

(Displayed with your company or organization's name and Logo) 


1 Million Bumper Stickers &

200 Billboards on display  by 

December 2016


                       (email us at:  ipledge2listen@yahoo.com)

                   'I Pledge 2 Listen’ Objectives

(1)     A Nationwide Shout-out:   Our goal is that 1 million

“I Pledge 2 Listen” Bumper Stickers  will be displayed on

 cars by December 2016!

(2)    200 Billboards displaying the “I Pledge 2 Listen” promise, 

 representing our sponsors, on highways and  bi-ways nationwide as a constant reminder to all on-lookers.

We will be happy to assist you with all the information and materials you need to sponsor this campaign within your company, school or organization.  

Let's prove to our young ones that we CAN work as ONE in their behalf!

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We look forward to your support and volunteer efforts