I Pledge 2 Listen 

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I Pledge 2 Listen

Writers Contest

Submissions Deadline 

October 28, 2016

Publication Date

                                                   August 30, 2017

Exciting Prizes for 1st to 5th place Winners

Live Media Interviews

 See Your Story in Print in the first 2016 Annual Edition of


Writing has long been a tool of healing if there is no one to confide in.  Pouring out their hearts on paper has brought a measure of release to millions of people.  In this troubled world we must learn to persevere because 'suicide is not a solution!'

The stories, poems and prose we are selecting for this contest must be motivational and inspiring to the readers.

Too often we think no one has ever felt the pain we feel, but as the Bible says... 'there is nothing new under the sun'

When we are reading - We are Listening

The book will be divided into 3 categories: (fiction & nonfiction)

1.   Motivational/inspirational Stories & Poems

2.   Triumphs (over temptations and peer pressure)

3.   Regrets and Consequences

(how failure to listen has affected your life or the life of someone you love)

4.  Humor (The lighter side of not listening and having a BIG MOUTH!)


Short stories may not exceed 10 pages

Poems/Prose - 6000 words max.

Include your Name, Address, Email, Telephone #, Age Group

example  (10 - 17,    18 +) 

Parental Permission required under 18 yrs. 

Tell us about yourself!

$12 entry fee donation: Visa, Mastercard, Paypal  (1 Story per entry or 3 poems)  

Entries can be emailed to:   ipledge2listen@yahoo.com

US Mail Entries:   WODA, Inc. IP2L CONTEST,  P.O. Box 3532, Brockton, MA 02304

($12 Check or Money Order made out to WODA, Inc. - Contest) No cash accepted)

First 150 entrants will receive a free copy of 'Sentimental Journeys, Reminiscences of a Street Kid' by Farrellinea