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"Sentimental Journeys" reflects situations children are faced with daily, including teen suicide and drug abuse.  

However, readers are left with a sense of renewal and reinforces time and again the tremendous opportunity life holds.

A timeless collection of stories and poems dedicated to inspire our youth, and teach them the importance of turning a 'stumbling block' into a 'stepping stone!'



Our 2016 mission is to complete the establishment of an in-house Book and On-Line Publishing facility as the focal point of our entrepreneurial program.    

We are currently in the process of finalizing several projects our IP2L young people helped to develop.

Our main focus, however, is the creation of "Listen" - an annual publication of short stories and poems both fiction and non-fiction, re the epidemic of suicide, bullying and abuse.  

A "Listen" Blog which will allow for an open dialog that may lead to creative solutions as people are allowed to tell their story.  

It is well known that writing has helped thousands of people who deal with serious issues find a means of relief.  

Stories connect us, and is a way to touch the lives of others, one story at a time! 

As am example of the type of material we are looking for:

Get your free copy of Sentimental Journeys,   Winner of our 2015 Back to Basics, Back to Books campaign.  Only $6.00 S&H.  


An entertaining and educational story of growth and discovery for 2 high school students, K.J. and Rocky.  

This story takes a fantasy trip to the "Land of What If" and reveals the devastation to the world if a race of people and all their contributions would suddenly disappear.  

Unravel this mystery and learn from their incredible journey!   

Enjoy this fantastic adventure packed with invaluable knowledge of history and heritage that forever changed the lives of these two students and maybe yours. Learn that “if you can dream it – you can achieve it!”


 'Listen' Greeting Cards

Emotional and comedic pledges to listen:

-  Parents to Children

-  Children to Parents

-  Teacher to Student

-  Student to Teacher

-  Friend to Friend

-  Spouse to Spouse


We are currently working on a catalog of cards that will be featured in our Web Store.

We will also be announcing writing contests (stories, poems, greeting cards) making it possible for you to win Grand Prizes for your submissions which will be in featured publications.

If we can SAVE the ones we HAVE

We can REGAIN the ones we've LOST!

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