I Pledge 2 Listen 

Save Our Children

Volunteers for Entrepreneur Opportunities

We are seeking volunteers for our brand new Publishing Division in the following capacities:  Work at Home Opportunities!


            Desktop Publishing/Illustrators

                                 Marketing (incl. Social Media)

                                                   Website Design


These positions are designed to provide Salaried and

Commission positions for our Volunteers. 

If interested - Submit your request to:  ipledge2listen@yahoo.com.

Please provide your name, age, telephone#, address and Category of interest.  If you are under the age of 18, parental permission must be obtained if you are selected!  

So if you like to have fun as you write or draw, contact us immediately.  Be a part of our: 

First Annual Publication of      'LISTEN' 

-  We are seeking Stories and Poems that chronicle the lives of past and current victims of suicide, bullying, and physical or sexual abuse.  (see CONTEST tab)

Inspirational stories that turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

All submissions are confidential if preferred by writers who prefer to use a pseudonym.  (no profanity or lewd content accepted)



  - This is your opportunity to SPEAK-UP and SPEAK-OUT

We want to hear from you.   IF YOU ARE A BLOGGER - THIS 



      Greeting Cards

We need writers for our 

Greeting Cards, another work 

from home opportunity!

'Do you hear me now?' 

As a teacher, you must have said that a                                               thousand times, I apologize for not 


(sample Greeting Card)

              Email us if you have the talent


              to be:


Inspirational, Sentimental and/or Funny.  Can you write messages for Greeting Cards that inspires someone to LISTEN-UP! LAUGH IT UP or for those that need to APOLOGIZE for not Listening - Or PLEDGE TO LISTEN to that special someone!

Messages to Parents - Spouses - Siblings - Teachers - Family - Friends - Coaches -  Surprise them with our upcoming greeting cards promising that you've finally learned to LISTEN... lol!