I Pledge 2 Listen 

Save Our Children
...suicide is not an option 

It is every child's birthright to feel safe and secure in their homes and schools.

Major Problems - Bullying/Molestation/Neglect 

When being bullied children are afraid to speak up - afraid of being labeled as ‘snitches’ - afraid of retaliation 

It is unacceptable that children are unable to attend school without the threat of violence being perpetrated upon them.  

It is unimaginable that molesters and criminals of all ages are allowed to hide under a veil of secrecy.

Adolescence is a critical stage of life in this ever changing world of conflict and fear. There is no one solution to their problems 

however, we must OPEN

 OUR EYES  (we know what pain looks like)

  OUR EARS (we know what pain sounds like)

    OUR HEARTS (we know what pain feels like)

...and begin to LISTEN or nothing will change. 


        I Need Someone To Listen!

The world today is not the world you speak of

The times have changed in so many ways

What used to be is dead and gone

What once was right today is wrong

I need someone who really wants to listen

You speak of things that don’t pertain to me

Within your mind, things are as they should be

I know you try to understand

But can’t relate to times at hand

I need someone who knows just how to listen

Listen with your heart, that’s what hearts are for

Listen with your ears, open up the door

Listen with your eyes

Shed with me my tears

I need someone who knows just how to listen

I'm doing all I can, to help you understand

Enfold me in your arms and lead me by the hand

And listen, just listen, simply listen

Let’s change tomorrows’ headlines to lives that have been saved, not lost!

Lets reach out to the young and Old

rich and poor...

depression has no age or social status


 AS A 

Here For You
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