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Our children are our most valuable asset, therefore, WODA, Inc. is excited to incorporate the "I Pledge 2 Listen" concept to our curriculum. We hope to gather universal support in this effort. 

 In order to find a solution to the problems our youth face today, We must understand what the problem is. The best way to do that is:

1.) Listen, and then give careful thought and   

   consideration before answering or responding.

2.) Work with the youth towards a solution. The key words are: "work with," and "work towards".  

3. Never deal with a child and the bully at the same


Confrontation with a bully is a child's worst nightmare, because they are immediately labelled as a snitch by the entire school.

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The effects of cyberbullying are just as serious as that of bullying done in person. Often a victim of cyberbullying may not present the symptoms as those experienced in general bullying. this makes it difficult for a parent/guardian or caregiver to understand if the child, teen, or young adult is really a victim... LEARN TO LISTEN WITH ALL YOUR SENSES.  


A Prime example is that of Howard J. who wrote that his life changed when he read the story entitled, "Jack" - from the book entitled, "Sentimental Journey's, Reminiscences of a Street Kid" was amazingly similar to what he endured as a young boy!

Jack was sexually abused repeatedly by a trusted relative and was barely able to live through the pain and embarrassment.

 However, 15 years later, Jack is a loving husband and father of 2. As a counselor, he is devoted to helping others (young and old) to understand the difference between being a perpetrator and a victim.

This story helped Howard J. to pray, meditate, forgive and have peace. He has not only learned that he was a victim, he realized just who it was that needed to pray for forgiveness – and that he was not the one!

Little Child Blue

* (follows the short story of ‘Jack” in

Sentimental Journeys...)

You lay awake, afraid to sleep

fighting fears and shedding tears

all because you’re so ashamed

of playing grown up mating games

To scared to tell, you hide it well

the ache within your soul to scream

You go along, without protest

a pawn played in his evil scheme

Loss of pride is what you suffer

self-respect is smothered over

repentance you no longer seek

for sins of which you cannot speak

This battle you can’t fight alone

for many thousands have been shown

there’s understanding of your plight

and those who’ll help to make it right

Oh little child blue, come blow your horn

and shout for help to set you free

For sleepless nights and fears and pains

awaits for those who don’t complain

No longer do you have to hide

you must reveal his evil side

It’s not your fault, you’re not to blame

no need to feel such endless shame

You’re but a victim of his crime

he stole your youth before your time

He killed and murdered innocence

so it’s his shame, LET HIM REPENT!

To donate free copies of "Sentimental Journeys" to schools and youth programs, please call or email us at:

The valuable information between these pages should be shared, taught and discussed within families and youth groups. A free Core Curriculum is included upon request.

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