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Wiping Out Drug Abuse, Inc. (WODA), is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded by Ms Mattie DeLoach of Brockton, MA. She had a dream in 1987, to address the drug situation in her Dorchester, MA community by creating drug preventive workshops, employment opportunities and life skills seminars. 

The impact of the programs gave drug free youths the incentive to remain drug free in spite of their environment. WODA transitioned its headquarters to Brockton, MA 2009.

Her dream came true with the help of the local residents, businesses and local government officials of both Dorchester and Brockton, MA. As a result, WODA is a well-known and respected community based program celebrating 28 years of activity.  

Ms DeLoach also credits support from major corporations (Pepsi, Coca Cola, IBM, etc.) as well the local media for WODA's ability to operate a successful social and community awareness organization.

In February 2012, they created and hosted, along with other sponsors and media (including the Mayor's Office, NAACP, etc.) "Family Day at the Library". 

 A major feature of the day included a free copy to all in attendance of "Against All Odds", a beautifully illustrated Calendar of Black Inventors, created by Farrellinea of Villa Rica, GA.   

But...with the advent of "I Pledge 2 Listen" (IP2L)- The best is yet to come! The Architect for IP2L, Farrellinea (author and motivational speaker) hails from North Philadelphia.

We hope that this new project of WODA will prove to

 be a universal 'SHOUT-OUT' that will have a momentous impact!  

We are seeking

One Million Pledges between

February -October 2022

and the display of #IP2L Bumper Stickers, Decals and Billboards!

W.O.D.A Workshops Included:

Drug Abuse Prevention Techniques

Youth/Adult Awareness Workshops

Youth/Adult Entrepreneurial Training Programs,

Drug Abuse Prevention Programs

Due to the current pandemic, courses are now on-line or available in  CD formats

Preventing Negative Peer Pressure and Bullying through Awareness

   The communication gap between the generations is getting wider and wider! We have to strive to close it! We must be determined to "LISTEN!

Contact us today to learn how you can make a difference in your family and/or community.

BE ONE among Millions...

Be a part of a workable solution

Wiping Out Drug Abuse, Inc WODA, Inc. was established in 1987 by Founder and Director, Mattie DeLoach, in Brockton, Mass.

  Parents, Educators

Social Services Agencies

Law Enforcement Agencies

Private Organizations

Corporate America

Youth Programs





Training Program and

Workshops in your

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