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Vol. 1 - Issue 1 - September 2021 WODA, Inc. Brockton, MA Est. 1989


The Epidemic of Violence is growing out of control

Suicide is on the rise for Policemen, Firemen, Medical Professionals and Students. The strain of situations they live with everyday - face to face - with an escalating Pandemic, an increase in violence and accelerating deaths, are taking a toll on their physical and mental health as well as their families. 

It is vital that we learn to see the signs beforehand, and not have to live with the guilt of “If Only”. It is our responsibility to learn the ‘Art of Listening’ with our eyes, ears and heart.

Every employee and family member should complete an

‘I Pledge 2 Listen” workshop!

You may select exciting interactive, on-line customized workshops/exercises /and forums for your employees or family to enjoy as they learn.​

 Please Support the

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Working on Direct Action

The fundamental situations involving Suicide, Murder-Suicide, Police and Domestic Violence may be prevented if, individually, we learn the art of LISTENING!

The art of listening employs the use of our Eyes, Ears and Heart. We know what PAIN looks like, sounds like, and feels like. Are we paying attention? Ask yourself, if we were better listeners, would there be fewer deaths?

Mattie DeLoach, Founder and CEO of WODA, Inc. (Working on Direct Action) in Brockton, MA since 1987, and Director, Ms. Juanita Grant (Author and Motivational Speaker) Boston, MA, is hosting “I Pledge 2 Listen” as a National Awareness Campaign.

Nationwide numerous organizations address the menace of suicide, child abuse, domestic violence, and bullying, however, the number of victims increase year after year. We trust that if we fuse together, under one banner, to support all valuable resources available, these numbers may significantly decrease.

We make available, customized training curriculums and exercises that teach the ‘Art of Listening’ for every environment, and occupation. Participants learn the consequences of ‘'failing to assess a situation before responding to it. Considering the current climate against Police brutality, this training is vital for all Law Enforcement Officers.

Learning how to assess your environment is to learn how to Listen effectively. Understanding how to read facial expressions, changes in the habits and attitudes of our loved ones, students and employees, may be the key to saving one life at a time!

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